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Degree Requirements

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Student Guidelines

The Chemistry Grad Policies and Procedures.  The information in this document
supersedes all previous versions of our policies and procedures.  Some sections
are new or greatly expanded compared to previous versions (see Sections 12,
17, and 18). Of particular note, please look over Section 15, which is detailed in below.

A yearly evaluation form.  Your preceptor and you must get together
and complete this evaluation for each and every year and turn the
completed and signed form in to Dana by July 31 for a given year.  So,
all of you must comply with this evaluation procedure by July 31, 2014
for the 2013/14 year (if you are still here and working towards your
degree on July 31, of course!)

Consult Dana Coval-Dinant about any matters pertaining to your graduate program.

Information on degree requirements for each year.

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